The Duke of Budapest

The Duke is born from a collaboration between Yeast Wörks and Mad Scientist. It’s a hazy New England IPA, that is not especially crafted to serve the beer-geek, but boasts of all the fine touches that a new-wave brewery could show its consumers in 2017! Its cloudy and spicy from load of beautiful American hops, still not being bitter! Its fluffy body is like a lone cloud on a summer sky. The inspiation for the beer was actually the works of Mad Scientist and Budapest brewing at its best! Looking at it from a wider perspective, our inspiration was the personality of Budapest and its creative minds! We have premiered The Duke of Budapest at the same time in BUdapest and Berlin – Brewdog Bar – and its ultimate goal is to herald the unicality of Budapest abroad!

DoBP: The makers of the beer

The recipe is developed and the beer itself is brewed by Mad Scientist. The taste-profile and the brand is developed by Yeast Wörks. The goal was to produce an easy-drinking, popular high-end beer, that works well on the international market.

DoBP : The brand

Only one who has seen the world, can appreciate Budapest! The manifold creativity of the rich cavalcade of different people against the historical backdrop all adds up to an exciting kaleidoscope that is quite unique in the world! We aim to build the communication of the brand along this guiding line, and we decided to give an insight into the personal side of Budapest, talking about the Budapestians – their favourite locations, their cultural secrets and their relations to the city.

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