Black Mamma Americano

  • olee 
Yeasst Wörks Black Mamma Americano

An easy-drinking, light version – summer edition if you like – of classic Black Mamma. A bottle of this easy-going stout contains about one strong cup of espresso. It’s a refreshing, dry beer, with a touch of sweetness, a bit of coffee tartness and some hop-bitterness in the finish.

Black Mamma Americano is a good choice for daylight drinking – when we need some alcohol but do not want to get sleepy or tired. Or as a starter for a long night. It makes a wonderful beerpair for sweets. It goes perfectly with chilli con carne – which will be grateful if we pour some to it while cooking.

Black Mamma Americano is a perfect party-beer at the same time! It is infinitely sippable due to its refined and relaxed harmony of tastes. Its never too much but never gets boring due to it’s complexity.

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