Keserű Méz

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Keserű Méz – meaning Bitter Honey in English – is a 5,5% percent unfiltered, unpasteurized pale hoplager.

Keserű Méz was the first exciting Hungarian Craft-beer, the highlight of Főzdefeszt – the first Hungarian craft-beer festival – in 2011. It became an instant hit among Hungarian beer-drinkers not used to extreme beers with its intensive hoppy nose, characteristic bitterness and amiable sweetness.

Hoplager – the only Hungarian beer-style

In the early days of Hungaarian beer-revolution – before there were three IPA-premiers every week – it was quite a sensation to find a beer with generous hopping. Style-founding Keserű Méz hit Hungarian gastronomy with its expressive and reckless use of Bavarian hops – mirroring the way American brewers used American hops.

Keserű Méz was the first great beer-experience of thousands of people – proving to be a perfect bridge-beer. It laid on a foundation of familiar micro-brewed sweetish gold lager beer. Which got this crazy strong hopping, later dry-hopping.

By 2018, its original recipe has lost its wow-factor and its quality has suffered as well, so Yeast Wörks took over the brand. We have found a new recipe and a new brewer and put the beer into aluminium cans.

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