One Billion Megawatts

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egy miliárd megawatt

The best IPA of the early years of Yeast Wörks. The 7% double IPA was brewed based on the recipe of Zoltán Roth, hopmagician brewer. One Billion Megawatts is the capacity of an imaginary Hungarian Nuclear Plant. The name was inspired by the nuclear energy debate that was an important question at the time.

Nuclear IPA it was – not only in its name. We have seasoned One Billion Megawatts with some ginger but not for its taste, but its spicy character so as to cause a gentle buzz on the tongue. As if we were licking an old fashioned battery. Or a plutonium-stick.

mR_fr0g(17766)3.5Apr 3, 2016 “Keg at the marionette craft beer house, Budapest. Clear amber coloured pour with a lasting sticky off white head. Aroma is caramel biscuity malts, spicy citrus, rye bread. Flavour is composed of dirty caramel grainy, rye, burnt orange rind, spicy citrus. Toasted pine needles. Assertive semi rough hop bitterness. Palate is semi sweet, sticky hop resin, highish carbonation. “

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