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Medvetánc – meaning ‘Bear Dance’ in Hungarian is one of the first successful beers of Yeast Wörks debuted in 2014 at Főzdefeszt. It was brewed with enormous amount of fresh ginger, orange, lemon, honey and almost no malts.

Medvetánc is no ordinary beer – it’s a 4,5% percent dry mead with sharp ginger taste – owing to the 40kgs of raw ginger brewed into the kettle.

Medvetánc is brewed in cooperation with ‘Táncoló Medve’ – Dancing Bear in English – a duo of guerilla brewers. However due to technical issues we are still trying to solve, the beer has been out of production for the last few years.

In spite of its short lifespan, Medvetánc has gathered quite a following with its unique character.

Alkyon(6)4.4Sep 15, 2014 “I haven’t expected much from this, but the aroma and the taste was totaly lighted up my taste buds. This was a great ginger-mead. The first real one in Hungary and the one of the best I have tasted yet.”

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