Yeasst Wörks Black Mamma Americano

Black Mamma Americano – coffee stout, 5,6%

The longer – even more quaffable – summer – version of the classic Black Mamma! The easily drinkable stout was brewed with classic, dark-roasted coffee from Lumen – a coffe-roastery in Budapest – one bottle contains approximately one cup of strong espresso! Its a refreshing dry stout with a hint of sweetness in the end, accompanied by a tad of sourness from the cafe and some light hop aromas.

Black Mamma Americano is a good choice for those who wish to down a glass of beer throughout the day – when they need serious refreshment but try to avoid the after-effects of alcohol – or as an aperitiv for a presumable long night. But it pairs wonderfully with  chocolaty sweets and chili con carne – you might even cook one with it!

Black Mamma Americano is first and foremost a party-beer! Easy and refined, it’s infintely drinkable, never gets too much, but never gets boring either owig to its elegant complexity!


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The product is only available in kegs at the moment

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