The Yeast Wörks Story

Yeast Wörks is a gypsy-brewery in the sense that it does not own a brewing equipment. The beers of Yeast Wörks are brewed in the vessels of the best Hungarian breweries in close cooperation with their brewmasters, making the most of their expertise. Yeast Wörks stands on the side of the consumer and stands behind its products as investor, producer, creative and distributor more then anything else. Our specific businnes model has evolved organically throughout the past years. See below how it happened…

2010 – Mr. Daniel Bart (a food-writer at that time, comissioned by Heineken to write about a non-existent Hungarian beer culture) drinks his first decent unfiltered, unpasteurized microbrewed lager, and discovers the true ancient beauty of beer.

2011 – 2012 Driven by beer-rage (the rage of man who had been bereft of decent beer for most of his young life) he organizes Budapest’s first craft-beer festival with his friends. Főzdefeszt becomes an instant success with tens of thousands of visitors having their first decent microbrewed lagers.

2013 – The opening of Élesztő (Yeast in Hungarian), the first and still the greatest craft-beer bar of Budapest and the region, with 28 taps, serving as a playground for Hungarian craft-beer.

2014 – Jelaous of all the young brewers who were free to test their creations on Élesztő audience, (actually having been planning his own beer-brands for years) Mr. Daniel Bart decides to produce Élesztő’s own beers under the name Élesztő Beer Workshop, in cooperation with his best mates on the emerging Hungarian craft-beer scene, Hara Punk and Rothbeer and Guri.

2015 – The debut of Élesztő Beer Workshop’s first really successful beer Black Mamma ’Fuck Drugs’ coffee stout on the Budapest market. The debut of 1 Milliárd Megawatt (1 Billion Megawatts), a double IPA with ginger, a protest beer against Paks2, the Russian-funded nuclear plant for Hungary. Also the time of crazy experimental beers, like „The Kiss of the Bearded Woman”, cold-dilled smokey lager, that was so good everybody wanted to try it, but nobody asked for a second round.

2016 – Élesztő Beer Workshop changes its name to Yeast Wörks with an eye on international expansion. Holds its first tap-takeover in Mr Bart’s Berlin establishment, the legendary Hopfenreich.

2017 – Yeast Wörks starts to work with Mad Scientist and Hudi Hudi, establishing a real presence on the German beer market with their new cooperation beer – The Duke of Budapest, an exclusive New England IPA.

2018 – Yeast Wörks changes Mad Scientist for Horizont as the brewer of the new Duke of Bdpst – this time a New England Pale Ale, and starts to reorganize its brands.

2019 – the new Duke of BDPST is out! It’s a 4,6% easy drinking hoppy New England Pale Ale!